Assist in preserving primate lives

Assist in preserving primate lives

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Colobus Conservation is a frontline protector of Diani's primates, rescuing and rehabilitating species like Angolan Colobus and Sykes monkeys. Operating a 24-hour emergency rescue service, they swiftly respond to threats such as accidents, electrocutions, and poisoning. The organization, equipped with a dedicated team and veterinary clinic, prioritizes minimizing stress during treatment.

Additionally, Colobus Conservation enforces a rigorous 90-day quarantine for animals, ensuring comprehensive disease testing before reintroduction to rehabilitation programs. Their commitment represents a vital force in preserving and providing second chances for Diani's primate community.

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Donating to Colobus Conservation serves as a direct lifeline for the welfare and preservation of Diani's primates. Your contribution supports emergency rescue operations, ensuring swift responses to incidents like accidents and poisonings.

It enables the maintenance of veterinary clinics and rehabilitation centers, providing essential care and surgeries for injured primates. Additionally, your donation aids in training staff, acquiring necessary rescue equipment, and implementing rigorous quarantine protocols to safeguard the health of rescued animals.

Beyond immediate rescue efforts, your support contributes to public awareness campaigns and conservation advocacy, addressing the root causes of threats like road accidents and habitat destruction.

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