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Translate educational content for Khan Academy

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Khan Academy's Volunteer Translation Program is where language becomes a bridge to knowledge. In this unique initiative, passionate individuals come together to make education universally accessible by translating Khan Academy's vast repository of educational content.

By volunteering your language skills, you become a crucial part of a global effort to break down linguistic barriers, ensuring learners worldwide can access high-quality educational resources.

Join today in this inspiring journey where your commitment to translation becomes a key enabler of equitable education, empowering diverse communities with the tools to thrive in a multilingual world. Together, let's transform education into a language everyone can understand.

How it increases happiness

Volunteering for Khan Academy's Translation Program is not just about bridging language gaps; it's a journey that leads to increased happiness and profound societal contributions. As a volunteer translator, you step into a role that transcends words, directly impacting the joy of learning for individuals worldwide. The act of translating educational content cultivates a deep sense of purpose, knowing that your efforts make knowledge accessible to diverse communities.

By breaking down language barriers, you contribute to a more inclusive society where education is a shared experience, accessible to all. This sense of societal contribution brings a unique fulfillment, as your skills become a catalyst for positive change. Witnessing the transformation of someone's educational journey through the lens of your translations is a source of unparalleled joy and satisfaction.

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