Support the rescuing of injured wildlife animals

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Support the rescuing of injured wildlife animals

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WIRES, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization, has been at the forefront of native animal care for over 35 years. With a dedicated Wildlife Rescue Office operating 24/7 and full-time Emergency Responders, WIRES tirelessly rescues and rehabilitates over 130,000 animals annually.

Beyond immediate rescue efforts, WIRES is actively involved in national initiatives, providing crucial support for wildlife rescue, rehabilitation projects, and long-term habitat preservation, embodying a steadfast commitment to the well-being of Australia's unique wildlife.

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Donating to WIRES is a direct investment in the preservation and rehabilitation of Australia's unique wildlife. Your contribution supports the organization's vital 24/7 responders, ensuring immediate assistance for over a hundred thousand sick, injured, or orphaned native animals each year.

WIRES' comprehensive approach extends beyond rescue, actively participating in national projects that aid wildlife rehabilitation and contribute to the long-term recovery of habitats.

Your donation helps fund critical resources, medical care, and educational initiatives, making a tangible difference in safeguarding Australia's precious biodiversity.

WIRES' unwavering commitment to wildlife care and habitat preservation ensures that your support contributes to the well-being and sustained survival of native species across the country.

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