Support Cambodian mothers and children

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Support Cambodian mothers and children

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Since 1999, the Kasumisou Foundation has supported impoverished individuals affected by AIDS around Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Through the AIDS Patients Family Support Program (FSP), homeless women in the mid-to-late stages of AIDS receive basic housing, monthly food support, and sponsorship for their children's school expenses.

Originally providing antiretroviral medicines, the focus has shifted to offering destitute women and children housing, food support, school expenses, basic medicines, transportation, and counseling. The program currently serves about 20 women with AIDS and their dependent children, along with HIV-positive orphans of women who were part of the Family Support Program.

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How it increases happiness

Funding the Kasumisou Foundation's AIDS Patients Family Support Program (FSP) is essential for providing crucial assistance to homeless women affected by AIDS.

Contributions ensure basic needs like housing, food, and school expenses for their children, along with medical support. With increased funding, the program can reach more individuals, expanding its impact on destitute women and their dependent children facing the challenges of AIDS.

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Please go to Kasumisou Foundation and make a donation. Thank you!

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