Save sea turtles in Curacao

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Save sea turtles in Curacao

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Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao, a non-profit on the island, focuses on protecting sea turtles and marine life. They conduct regular beach patrols, checking for nesting activity and helping injured turtles. Scientific monitoring includes tracking nesting behavior and relocating nests if needed. They photograph turtles to monitor development and combat fibropapillomatosis, virus-causing tumors.

The goal is to open a rehabilitation center, addressing Curaçao's status as a major site for Fibropapillomatosis outbreaks and becoming a global hub for research and treatment, accommodating up to 10 turtles at once.

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Donating to Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao directly contributes to the protection and well-being of sea turtles in the region. The funds support crucial activities such as beach patrols to monitor nesting activity, provide immediate assistance to injured turtles, and conduct scientific monitoring to track nesting behavior.

Donations also aid in relocating nests when necessary, contributing to the overall conservation efforts. Additionally, funds help in the documentation and monitoring of turtles for long-term developmental tracking, especially important in combating threats like fibropapillomatosis.

With the vision of establishing a rehabilitation center, donations play a vital role in caring for turtles affected by diseases like Fibropapillomatosis, contributing to global research and treatment efforts. Your support ensures that Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao can continue its essential work in safeguarding and preserving the diverse marine life of Curaçao.

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