Rescue, rehab and re-home African street dogs

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Rescue, rehab and re-home African street dogs

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At Action Change, the dedication to ending animal cruelty in South Africa is not just a mission; it's a relentless pursuit fueled by the urgent needs of our four-legged friends. With hundreds of distress calls each year detailing heinous acts, from acid attacks on dogs to grooming them for fights, the harsh reality demands immediate action. In the face of adversity, the Action Change team refuses to leave a single dog alone.

They are on the front lines, rescuing puppies from dire situations and providing crucial services in townships. Their weekly outreach involves vaccinations and managing breeding through a robust neutering program. The stark reality is both real and expensive, but they persevere, funding this vital project entirely through donations. When you contribute, you become the lifeline for these innocent beings, actively participating in the rescue and rehabilitation efforts that define their commitment to Action Change.

Join them as they stand together against animal cruelty – you are the force saving these puppies!

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Donating to Action Change's mission against animal cruelty in South Africa directly supports critical initiatives. Your contribution helps rescue and rehabilitate animals from abusive situations, provides essential health services like vaccinations, and sustains neutering programs to manage overpopulation.

It enables swift emergency responses to distress calls, facilitates educational outreach, and covers operational costs. Your donation becomes a lifeline, actively participating in creating a safer, more compassionate environment for animals in need.

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Please go to Action Change and make a donation. Thank you!

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