Protect wild tigers from poachers

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Protect wild tigers from poachers

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Tigers4ever is a dedicated organization with a singular mission: preventing the extinction of wild tigers. With a focus on India, home to over two-thirds of the global wild tiger population, Tigers4ever is committed to eliminating tiger deaths resulting from poaching and retaliatory poisoning.

The organization achieves this by implementing Anti-Poaching Patrols, engaging with local communities to foster a shared interest in tiger survival, educating future generations about the ecological importance of apex predators, providing safety advice for coexistence, and actively addressing human-animal conflict.

Tigers4ever's multifaceted approach aims to ensure the presence of wild tigers for generations to come, promoting a harmonious balance between humans and these magnificent creatures.

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Donating to Tigers4ever is a direct investment in the protection and preservation of wild tigers and their crucial forest habitats.

With a focus on the Bandhavgarh region, where the threat to tigers is imminent, your contribution supports vital Anti-Poaching Patrols that remove wire snares along tiger trails, ensuring these majestic creatures can move safely through the forests.

By eliminating poaching and illicit activities in buffer zones, your donation helps safeguard precious tiger habitats, ultimately contributing to a 97.5% reduction in tiger deaths from poaching and poisoning over the past seven years.

Additionally, Tigers4ever's community engagement initiatives work towards changing attitudes, supporting long-term survival, and alleviating poverty in the region.

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To save wild tigers from poachers, please go to and make a donation. Thank you!

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