Preserve the Amazon to protect jaguars & wildlife

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Preserve the Amazon to protect jaguars & wildlife

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Amidst the dramatic decline in the jaguar's range, the Pantanal in South America stands as a vital sanctuary for these magnificent creatures. Dispersed across Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, the Pantanal is home to an estimated 2,000 jaguars, making it one of their last remaining strongholds. However, the past two years have been particularly challenging, with a prolonged drought followed by devastating wildfires.

In response to this crisis, Action Change is launching the Jaguar Identification Project. With the collaboration of citizen scientists, this initiative aims to create a comprehensive database for individual jaguars in the northern Pantanal region. This database will not only shed light on the current status of jaguars in the area but also provide invaluable insights into their survival and habitat conditions.

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Donating to the Jaguar Identification Project by Action Change directly supports the compilation of a comprehensive jaguar database in the northern Pantanal.

This crucial initiative provides essential insights into jaguar populations, helping assess their current status and formulate effective conservation strategies.

Your contribution contributes to the preservation of these iconic creatures and their habitat, ensuring a sustainable future for jaguars in the Pantanal.

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Please head to Action Change and make a generous donation. Thank you!

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