Help to save the lives of Cyprus Cats and dogs

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Help to save the lives of Cyprus Cats and dogs

this task:

I am from the UK and came to Cyprus for a more relaxed life but could not turn my back on so many poor innocent animals that need help. Animal education here is none and poor cats on the streets are neglected and even abused and cruelly treated, even poisoned. Dog owners let the dogs run around getting pregnant, then they dump the puppies in bins or in the mountains leaving them to die terribly, or abandon their dogs when not wanted any more, especially hunters. Many kept in cages or on chains, no shelter, water or regular food. I do everything I can to help as many as I can for 23 years now but alone and exhausted physically and mentally.

I rely solely on donations for food, medical and shelter for these animals until rehomed around Europe and UK.

I need volunteers to help with the daily upkeep and care. My home is the animals sanctuary.

These animals need furever homes to go to after rehab, open your heart and home please. Or consider fostering.

How it increases happiness

Donating knowing you are helping save a life.

Volunteering is hard work but very rewarding. Get experience on animal care and in return feel the love from these animals that so deserve our help as a volunteer. At the same time enjoying the peace and quiet of my mountain home where you would stay with the animals.

Steps to complete the task

To donate go to Paypal and send as family friends so I receive all the donation info@cypruspridehouse. For my bank details email me [email protected]

To adopt a deserving pet go to my website, also on there is info on how to adopt All my rescues have pet passports so can home to the UK/EU. Sadly too many animals in Cyprus and not enough pet loving homes so have to rehome out of Cyprus.

Consider fostering a cat or dog until a home is found - UK only. Form on my website as above.

Give some of your time to volunteering, again form on my website or email [email protected]

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