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this task:

Maintaining and further developing IncreasingHappiness takes time and money. For example, we need to pay for:
- Developers
- Designers
- Hosting and server management
- Writers
- SEO experts
- Outreach marketing and advertising
- Etc.

Currently, those costs are all borne by Inisev. However, this isn't sustainable and slows down the improvement of the site. If you like the idea of IncreasingHappiness, please walk the talk and support us with a donation :) Thank you!

How it increases happiness

IncreasingHappiness aims to increase happiness in two ways:

A) By providing a theoretical foundation for the need to increase happiness globally. This may convince people to do good, and re-enforce those that already do.

B) By providing a matchmaking platform for volunteers and charities. Often people want to do good, but they don't know how.

Steps to complete the task

If you want to make a recurring donation (preferred), please go to For one-time donations, you can do them here

The above options are to pay by PayPal or credit cards (Mastercard and Visa). If you prefer a bank wire, please get in touch with us at hi (at) increasinghappiness (dot) org. Thank you!

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