Help fight against illegal fishing in the Pacific

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Help fight against illegal fishing in the Pacific

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Introducing Action Change's Anti-Illegal Fishing Project: In the expansive Pacific, the once-thriving fishing industry is facing a critical decline.

With domestic authorized fishing boats witnessing a substantial drop in catches, 75% of operators have ceased fishing, and those remaining report minimal daily hauls. This decline is not solely due to mismanagement but is symptomatic of the Pacific's alarming state, with illegal fishing wreaking havoc on fish stocks.

Action Change's project collaborates with key stakeholders across the region to tackle this issue. Focused on training, equipping, and supporting local communities, our initiative empowers them to monitor, preserve habitats, and actively combat the environmental degradation caused by illicit and over-exerted fishing practices in the Pacific.

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Donating to Action Change's Anti-Illegal Fishing Project is instrumental in addressing the critical decline of fish stocks in the Pacific.

Your contribution directly supports the training, resources, and equipment needed for local communities to monitor and preserve marine habitats.

By combatting illegal fishing through outreach and education, your donation helps sustain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems in the Pacific.

Your support plays a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of fish stocks and mitigating the environmental degradation caused by illicit fishing practices.

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Please go to Action Change and make a donation. Thank you!

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