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Donate a honeybox to Heifer

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Heifer International is a global nonprofit organization on a mission to end hunger and poverty while promoting environmental sustainability. For over 75 years, Heifer has been at the forefront of sustainable development efforts, working in partnership with communities to provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to uplift themselves from poverty and build resilient, thriving futures.

Heifer International's work transcends borders, benefitting communities around the world. Their commitment to empowering people, protecting the planet, and ending the cycle of poverty is a testament to the potential for positive change when compassion, education, and sustainable practices come together. Join us on a journey through Heifer's impactful work, where the simple act of giving becomes a catalyst for lasting transformation.

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How it increases happiness

Heifer International's "Gift of Honey" donation makes a substantial difference in communities by fostering sustainable livelihoods. The introduction of honeybees offers a renewable source of income through the production and sale of honey, beeswax, and other bee-related products. This newfound economic opportunity allows community members to invest in education, healthcare, and overall living conditions, leading to improved well-being and financial stability.

Beyond economic benefits, the gift of honey provides communities with a valuable source of nutrition. Honey is a nutritious, energy-rich food that can be incorporated into meals, contributing to a healthier diet. This is particularly crucial for children, as improved nutrition enhances their growth and development.

The environmental impact of beekeeping should not be overlooked. Bees are essential pollinators for numerous fruits and vegetables. By introducing honeybees, Heifer International enhances crop yields, supports sustainable agricultural practices, and contributes to food security. This, in turn, makes communities more resilient to the challenges posed by climate change.

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Please go to and make a donation of $30 (or more). Thank you!

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