Clothe a child for only 15 USD per year

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Clothe a child for only 15 USD per year

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A founding member of U R Special, inspired by her experience in Africa, brought the transformative power of a single dress to her own community in Edmond, Oklahoma. With the help of a seamstress friend and a lawyer, U R Special was established in 1993, initially focusing on providing dresses to girls in need. As the program grew, it expanded to include clothing for both boys and girls, evolving from a small act of kindness into a beacon of hope, brightening the future for countless children in need.

Today, U R Special conducts three annual distributions, reaching over 2,000 children and making each one feel cherished. Join us in the heartwarming journey of U R Special, where the simple gift of clothing becomes a powerful symbol of care, compassion, and the potential to transform lives.

How it increases happiness

Donating to U R Special is an act of kindness that extends warmth and dignity to children in need. Your contribution provides essential clothing, fostering confidence, lightening financial burdens, and igniting hope. It not only empowers individual children but also strengthens the fabric of their communities, reminding everyone of the transformative power of collective generosity.

In essence, your donation becomes a beacon of care, contributing to the happiness and well-being of these children and their families. It's a reminder that even a small act of kindness can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most, highlighting the innate goodness of humanity and the potential for positive change in the world. Your support is both genuinely nice and profoundly helpful, creating a brighter future for these children and their communities.

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Please go to and make an annual donation of $15. Thank you!

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