Boost kids' language skills with bilingual books

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Boost kids' language skills with bilingual books

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Raising a Reader focuses on supporting families to establish and nurture reading routines at home, emphasizing family engagement as a cornerstone of their approach. Through award-winning, evidence-based programs, they help caregivers set children up for success by creating shared reading routines, fostering social-emotional learning, promoting healthy family relationships, and instilling essential learning skills for future success in school and beyond.

Operating through local agencies, Raising a Reader provides equity-focused shared reading programs and customizable book collections based on local needs. Local community partners utilize these resources to support a child's social-emotional learning and encourage healthy relationships within the home. Caregivers, armed with these tools, develop shared reading and learning routines that cultivate a child's love of reading and lay the foundation for lifelong learning success.

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Donating to Raising a Reader contributes directly to empowering families and improving children's educational outcomes. Your support enables the organization to continue providing evidence-based programs and resources that focus on building reading routines at home.

These programs foster social-emotional learning, healthy family relationships, and essential learning skills crucial for a child's success in school and beyond.

By customizing book collections based on local needs and working through local agencies, Raising a Reader ensures that your donation has a targeted impact on communities. Your contribution helps provide equity-focused shared reading programs, promoting literacy and healthy relationships within households.

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