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Mercy For Animals (MFA) is a non-profit organization established in 1999 by Nathan Runkle at the age of 15. Committed to addressing animal welfare concerns within the food industry, MFA employs a multifaceted approach. One of its primary strategies involves conducting undercover investigations to reveal the conditions in factory farms and slaughterhouses, aiming to bring attention to and rectify instances of cruelty.

In addition to investigative work, MFA engages in corporate outreach, collaborating with companies to adopt and implement more humane animal welfare policies. The organization also plays a role in advocating for legislative changes that would improve the treatment of animals in the agricultural sector. By working with the public through awareness campaigns, MFA seeks to educate individuals about the impact of their food choices on animal welfare.

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Becoming an ally for Mercy For Animals (MFA) means providing monthly crucial financial support for undercover investigations, exposing harsh conditions in factory farms. Your support helps MFA advocate for systemic change, influencing legislative reforms and ethical practices in the food industry.

By contributing to public awareness campaigns, you actively educate others about animal welfare issues. MFA's global impact addresses animal welfare internationally, and your support aids in creating a more compassionate global food system.

As an ally, you join a community committed to positive change for animals and play a vital role in advancing MFA's long-term mission for a humane and respectful treatment of animals in the food industry.

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In order to become an animal ally, please head to and make monthly donations. Thank you!

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