Assist the anti-trafficking program in Indiana, US

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Assist the anti-trafficking program in Indiana, US

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Fair Haven is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space for those affected by sexual violence. As individuals seek a place to heal, their center becomes a haven—a refuge offering encouragement, practical tools for the future, and immediate supplies for today's challenges.

At Fair Haven, they are committed to fostering recovery by offering support and guidance along the journey. Their mission is to be a steadfast presence, a source of respite, and a guiding light for individuals in their pursuit of healing and hope.

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Donating to Fair Haven Rape Crisis Center's anti-trafficking program directly aids in the fight against human trafficking. Your contribution supports prevention efforts, intervention strategies, and comprehensive support services for survivors.

By donating, you actively contribute to building a safer and more informed society, fostering awareness, and empowering survivors on their path to recovery.

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