Aid Gambia: Combat Overfishing with Amnesty

Aid Gambia: Combat Overfishing with Amnesty

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Artisanal fishermen in Gambia are grappling with severe economic losses as their fishnets are cut by foreign boats operating illegally near the shore. These industrial vessels not only deplete water resources but also compel the artisanal fishermen to venture further into the sea. The consequential fish scarcity and rising costs have a domino effect on artisanal fish processors and traders, who face direct competition from fishmeal factories, impacting their livelihoods. The overfishing-induced reduction in marine resources heightens the risk of food insecurity among local communities.

Furthermore, the arrival of fishmeal factories has significantly increased the price of bonga fish, intensifying the competition for fish smokers specializing in bonga and sardinella. This heightened competition arises from the heavy capture of these species by canoes associated with fishmeal factories and industrial vessels exporting them, further exacerbating the challenges faced by local fishermen and businesses.

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By tackling the issues faced by artisanal fishermen, fish processors, and traders, the local economy can stabilize, fostering economic resilience and sustainability. This, in turn, can positively impact food security in the community, as a more sustainable fishing industry helps maintain the availability and affordability of fish, a crucial protein source for many.

Additionally, addressing overfishing can have environmental benefits by preserving marine resources and ecosystems. This not only sustains the livelihoods of those directly involved in the fishing industry but also helps maintain a healthy balance in the marine environment, benefiting biodiversity and ecosystem stability.

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Call on Gambian authorities - such as by emailing the President of Gambia to urge immediate action - today to safeguard communities and preserve the seas.

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