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IncreasingHappiness is a non-profit initiative aiming to increase global happiness. Read about our understanding of the history of happiness, its status quo, and ideas on how it can be spread.

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How are we trying
to increase happiness?

Make it easy for people to help

Making it easy for people to help

Many people want to do good, but it's not easy to find out how. We aim to make transparent what charities need (it's not always money!) and how to help them. For that, anybody can create and work on tasks for free.

Finding the most effective ways of giving

We believe that effective giving is a science. By providing a theoretical framework and platform for discussions we aim to get insights into what should be done for maximum impact.

Taking the holistic view

Everything that increases happiness should be in scope – from helping humans in need, preventing animal suffering, debating ethical everyday questions and potentially even .

Working together

We don’t work in isolation, but collaborate with fantastic organizations like Effective Altruism, GiveWell, Charity Navigator, Animal Charity Evaluators, 80000 Hours, The Life You Can Save and many others. Joining forces provides best chances for maximum impact.

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